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Freebie: Seracella by odDistortion
Freebie: Seracella
Seracella's avi from Gaia. How could I possibly resist those complimentary colours?
I can't seem to finish a single piece without changing something, though. The broken horn and different design on the patch are my fault. Oh, and there isn't a tail item like that, unfortunately.
Freebie: Railyn by odDistortion
Freebie: Railyn
Ryuzuki_Rui's OC, Railyn. My first time doing lineart and shading on separate programs, would you believe.
I'm pretty satisfied with it, anywho. It was educational.
I changed the hair style, the irises and practically everything that is orange. I get bored, otherwise. D:
... I seem to do all of my lineart after midnight. That's why it's so messy. Bah.
Freebie: Bunny maniac by odDistortion
Freebie: Bunny maniac
I'm going to get into the habit of scaling these before uploading. xD
For once I went with the semi-cute option. Out of character; I know. But it was fun. ^^ I probably took too much artistic license with this one. I completely changed her hair. Whoops.
First time trying to shade in Black Ink, too. So yeah.
Royal by odDistortion
Very late night scribble I have grown strangely attached to. It had been the beginnings of a freebie, but... then it developed a mind of its own and metamorphosis into this.
Probability of immediately regretting and scrapping in the morning: surprisingly ambiguous.
Mechanoir:1 by odDistortion
I'm expecting this to be a series. He is a work in progress, but drawing the rest of those legs will be a pain, so I don't hold up much hope for finishing this particular piece. Sassy, isn't he?
A new drawing style to suit my new drawing program: black ink. I find shading on it a little tricky, but lineart is ridiculously fun, so the result is the above. Replaying twewy and possibly ghost trick too certainly has had an influence also.
Who would think it's been over a year?
And I now completely love physics.
This line will now rhyme. Oh dear.


Oh, and I'm wearing a panda hat.
And a poncho.
And stripy socks.
And will hopefully be more active.

Don't doubt me- I'm feeling Quizzical. Deviantart just doesn't have the right emotion thingy for me, right now.
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Well.. you know- me.. what can I say? I'm.. me-ish. And am therefore extremely lazy, mentally unstable, and.. an extremely boring topic to write about. any questions? I didn't think so, expected silence.. >:3

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Thanks for the fav on "Him"!  I really appreciate it!
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Thankyou for sharing! I love the way you presented such vibrant personalities via such short, witty stichomythia. It is very refreshing to read. ^^
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Gracias por el fav ;)
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thanks for the fav :)
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You're very welcome! You must have a lot of patience to finish that piece in greyscale, first. I'd get impatient and start throwing colour everywhere. xD
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I work better in black and white. balancing colour and tone simultaneously is the bane of my existence ;-;
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