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Flem + Razz by odDistortion
Flem + Razz
Oh; zombie-scribbles. How I missed you. Oh, and I know that the substance itself is spelled 'Phlegm'. He is French however, and likely didn't know how to spell it, himself. Though he'd likely pretend that it was intentional and expressive.

While I am not entirely happy with the picture itself, I really like his design.
Oh, and that creature on his hat is an undead frog. I feel like her name is Razz, though I could be wrong.
Freebie:SipOfBrandy by odDistortion
Mosaic-esque? I... I really don't know where my style is going, anymore. 
Helps keep things interesting, I guess?
Freebie: Flo by odDistortion
Freebie: Flo
Oh, the fun I had with that hair. xD
*ahem* yes; it is hair.

She is a bat, by the by. Thus, the wings.
Yes, those are wings.
Mish-Mash profile by odDistortion
Mish-Mash profile
Or Mister Mash, as he prefers. He is a vector, and I have been dying to get home and create a digital sketch of him together for the past week.
I have two or three more of this series decomposing in my skull, but this is the one with the most backstory.
Oh: I didn't just forget to draw the eye: he is technically blind. He makes up for that with other qualities; don't worry.
With every syllable that drips off my fingers
I can hear them run
Between the keys and into
not cold machinery
but the warmth that I can
not quite hear
So deafened I am by my
clumbsy keystrokes

They will run forever
In a direction unparalleled
and unburdened
by mundane, physical limitations
Away from those who would tell them
that they may only travel in
three dimentions
Away from those who would tell them
that they cannot burn
their own footsteps
into my charred heart
and frozen mind
Subject to violent rewriting at a moment's notice
Who would think it's been over a year?
And I now completely love physics.
This line will now rhyme. Oh dear.


Oh, and I'm wearing a panda hat.
And a poncho.
And stripy socks.
And will hopefully be more active.

Don't doubt me- I'm feeling Quizzical. Deviantart just doesn't have the right emotion thingy for me, right now.
  • Mood: Questionable
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  • Playing: Mystery dungeon- gates to infinity!
  • Eating: Cupcakes


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Well.. you know- me.. what can I say? I'm.. me-ish. And am therefore extremely lazy, mentally unstable, and.. an extremely boring topic to write about. any questions? I didn't think so, expected silence.. >:3

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You're most welcome. ^^
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Thanks for the fav on "Him"!  I really appreciate it!
odDistortion Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou for sharing! I love the way you presented such vibrant personalities via such short, witty stichomythia. It is very refreshing to read. ^^
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Gracias por el fav ;)
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It was very helpful; thankyou for sharing. ^^
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thanks for the fav :)
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You're very welcome! You must have a lot of patience to finish that piece in greyscale, first. I'd get impatient and start throwing colour everywhere. xD
jtrox57 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
I work better in black and white. balancing colour and tone simultaneously is the bane of my existence ;-;
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